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The School has different lock to unlock the talent potential on the students and have the skills to achieve perfection. All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Therefore the simple common aim of these clubs us to develop a student from a presenter to a performer and bring out wholesome development in the individuals.

Namely the clubs are Eco club, Health club, literacy club, Self Defence club, Science club, ROBOTIC club, music club, dance club, cricket club, basketball club and arts club.

Eco club student to conduct researches on ecology, study major factors affecting the environment and there preventive measures and remedies.

Health club helps in understanding about the Wellness of a person, knowing about the multitude of ailments and their causes. Literacy club helps and developing a student’s proficiency of English language. Soft skills, vocabulary, debating and persuasion skills, attractive powers, intelligence, quotient, creativity with language and lateral thinking is agenda of this club.

Robotic clubs helps tech savvy and gizmo loving bids to learn about programming, artificial intelligence and the building of digitalis robot with the use of sophisticated engineering.

Science club is what you call the "Adda" of building scientist. Innovative ideas, scientific theory and principles, phenomenon, inventions, discoveries and mind bloggers, are what the scientist think of. If you start tapping your feet on listening to music and you start moving uncontrollably with the groove and let groove sway your body, then dance club is where you belong from hip hop to classical, bhangra to Garba, contemporary to fusion, you get everything on your platter.

If you feel you can match and instrumentalist or if you have a shot with any musical instrument of your choice there it is Music club you are looking up to. Hidden talents, hobbies and expertise are worked up here.

Self Defence club is a place where you get to learn taekwondo learning. Self defence is the both a need and a trend in the Modern Times, which helps the individual to defend himself or herself form social wrongs such as bullying, ragging, robbery, etc.

All these clothes are headed by educated, qualified and dedicated Mentors. The impart values education to those who really wish to learn this stuff. Through participating in various club activities, a person make new friends, learn things, acquire experience, gain confidence and interpersonal skills builds respect and self esteem and also learn time management. A person also gets first and experience and gain various social values.


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