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Kindergarten Wings

Childhood is the first stage in human life. This is called the period of learning during this period child develops mentally, physically and socially. The children’s are highly observant during this period.

Literacy 'skill' starts long before a child learns the ABC's. Children develop communication skills that allow them to both comprehend and convey words in Idea.

Kindergarten as a pre-school educational approach traditionally based on playing, singing and practical activities such as drawing and social interaction as part of transition from home to school.

Guru Nanak Public School has a beautiful kindergarten area starting from nursery to UKG. Nursery has a single section and LKG and UKG have three sections each.

It is matter of pride that GNPS-21 plays a top notch role in providing good education activities in school. At provides best education to children in all respect. Activities are conducted to make the children without any stress.

On account of fresher’s day we welcome new members of our school with warm and love. Summer activities are organised to engage a child to spend their time properly. A child come in contact with peers and learns the means of group works.

Hindi and English poem recitation is frequently done to ensure proper pronunciation and involvement in the topic. Tiny Tots learn to recite the poem with action. Spell bee helps the student to learn the spellings.

Staging fancy dress programs help in all round development of the child. It blends learning with fun and also confidence in the students.

We know the children are attracted to a different colour. So colouring is taught which assists the children to know different colours and also the importance of these colours in our day to day life. It assists in fostering physical education and psychological development.

Art and craft exhibition in held every year in GNPS-21 campus. It helps in developing the motor skill of the child. At require a child to use both the hand skilfully. This skill is important in other areas of lives as they grow. Vegetable day is celebrated with an objective to create and educate children about the importance of fruits and vegetable as a part of regular diet.

Field trips are organised every year for kindergarten students. The students are taken to the parks once in a year to give them relaxation from their daily routine.

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