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In the last forty years or so, the world has transformed into something which could never have been imagined by anyone of us. The progress on Computers and Communication Technology has made the changes possible. Today we live with new innovation and idea which break the existing norms and create avenues for new methods that do tremendous value addition. This is a dream that we at GNPS-21, Nayabazar have for our students to build strong children. There is existence of direct correlation between adult happiness and childhood experiences. Ensuring healthy and happy development of a child is the first and foremost priority. The child spends maximum time either with educationist at school or with parents at home, so to develop the 'nature' and to 'nurture' the child is an integrated influence.

Teachers are not just imparters of knowledge; they are also mentors and counsellors who need to be armed with skill so that they can successfully help channelize the students energy on the path of growth and help them to be self driven and motivated towards excellence Life at GNPS-21, is an exciting journey where we are always trying to build a support system in school to nurture the mental health of the students and build a positive atmosphere. It is our duty to do whatever we can, to help our students connect learning with real life and provide them with the necessary skill to prepare them for success. Today students should be eligible to compete in this global society being a proficient communicator, creator, critical thinker and collaborator.

With the collective efforts of the students, staffs and parents and the supports of management of the school, we are certain GNPS-21, will steadily achieve its cherished goal. With each academic session we are growing and achievement of our multifaceted growth continues to inspire us towards greater laurels. I value and appreciate the unstinted support and co-operation extended by the parents in all our endeavours paving way for achievements and appreciations.

I conclude with a message to my students; Never let fear and embarrassment keep you from participating in activities that interest you for it is only in the school that you can actually discover you hidden talents and find the real you. Wish You Good Luck

With warms Regards.

Your Sincerely
Dr. Manveen Kaur


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