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School Campus

Guru Nanak Public School is a landmark destination to pursue quality education. Talking about the school campus it is said that the world is a global village. Keeping this in mind, the architecture of the school is designed in a way which makes the school resemble huge colony. The inside of the main school building is nearly circular with two distinguishable sectors, which suits up as the venue of school assemblies.

The school is erected in the backdrop of health which would make children feel close to nature. Apart from that, the presence of well laid garden induces appreciation for nature in the students.

The School has classrooms which are well ventilated and each of them can easily accommodate 45 students. GNPS-21 is the first digitalis school in district of Sundargarh. The classrooms are equipped with interactive smart boards with multimedia projector to facilitate education, trigger through process in young minds and visualise studies.

The students have ready to access to a highly stocked library to empower the minds and to think beyond the prescribed.

Elaborate laboratory facilities with separate rooms for physics, chemistry, biology and computer science are house in spacious room. They are equipped with advance apparatus to give razor edge to scientific learning in the school.

The School has a big playground, two numbers of badminton court, one basketball court and play zone for kids to Cater the Sporting quotient and reaction of the students.

Each floor has been provided with outlets providing cool and RO (Reverse Osmosis) purified water to the students. Apart from this, the washrooms are neat, hygienic and clean.

The School has sick room to take care of any eventually involving illness. Extensive care is taken of hygienic and cleanliness inside the campus especially in sick room and washrooms.

The corridors in front of the classrooms on all three floors of the school, the quadrangle and the open stage suit up as a venue for school assembly. Mass observations, cultural programs, seminars and get together are organised in the assemblies.




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