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our motto

Role of a teacher is not impart education but also to in inculcate social and civic virtues so that the Pupil with a fully developed personality is able to lead a disciplined life and is ready to do selfless service to mankind.

In brief, physical development, moral up-liftment and spiritual regenerations are possible through the Institutions of worthy teacher.

Guru Nanak Public School, Sector 21, Rourkela believes in, "A multitude of the wise, is the health of the world ". The fruit of learning is character and righteous conduct. We lead the way and are ready to accomplish.

For us, learnt is one who ceaselessly act with pupil with excellent and zeal, where soul magnifies the Lord. We follow the light of success through endeavour, both for life and truth so that the student may have life through wisdom and liberty. Learning in our institution is truth based science centric, labour oriented and many artistically marvel.

GNPS- 21 provides and ambience where student get his due place through myriad innovation and opportunities that set him apart. Education is the manifestation of perfection. The prime aim of achieving it is attained perfect perfection already present in a child.

Our aim is to tear the veil of ignorance so that the knowledge shines forth as an illuminating torch to enlighten all the nooks and corners latent.

Our motto is to develop the mental moral, physical and spiritual strength of a child to develop faith in one’s own self along with a bent of mind to relish the diversities of society.

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